Upgrading Your Business With Data Science

Upgrading Your Business With Data Science

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Rapid digital acceleration worldwide has changed the value of data forever. Today data is being generated from multiple sources and businesses are at a severe disadvantage unless this raw data is collated, cleaned, and analyzed. This data can grow into large volumes in no time. You, therefore, need rich data science tools to draw meaningful insights from this data for your business. You also need a workstation-class PC or laptop to run these data analysis tools. Ordinary machines will not do. Let’s understand how every business can benefit from data science, and what you should look for while choosing workstation-class hardware to extract maximum value from it.

Let’s start with the benefits of Data Science. Here are some critical use cases:

Know Your Customer

Using data science tools, your marketing team can understand your prospective customers better. It will allow you to segmentize your customers, discover their requirement patterns and customize your products and services to suit their needs. Beyond customers’ contact details, names, age, and location details, Data Science can help you visualize their browsing and purchase behavior so that you can frame a marketing strategy that’s well aligned with customer requirements thereby helping you drive sales.

Understand your Competitors

As the saying goes, if you’re not watching your competition carefully, you’re helping to create it. You therefore must understand what your competitors are doing, their strategy, and their strong points in order to gain a competitive edge over them. Data can better equip you to understand all these aspects.

Monitoring your sales data and comparing behavioral and demographic data of your prospects can also help you understand if your customers in specific locations are shifting their loyalties along with the reasons. This can help you prepare a more effective counter-strategy and lucrative offerings to maintain their loyalty to your brand.

Doing competitive analysis, however, is a very complex and compute-intensive process requiring the right tools and hardware to run them.

Predictive Analytics

This uses various modeling techniques along with statistics on current and historical data to predict future performance, risks, and opportunities. You can use predictive Analytics for a range of applications like fraud detection in cyber-security by doing behavioral Analytics, marketing campaign optimization, risk minimization by analyzing credit scores, or improving business operations by forecasting inventory for instance. It finds applications across industries, including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and finance to name a few.

Help Interpret Complex Data

Data Science can be used to combine different data sources to better understand the market and business. You can combine data from both “physical” and “virtual sources depending on which tools are used for data collection. This allows you to visualize the market better. One of the significant benefits of working with a data science company is its proven ability to help your business make informed decisions based on structured predictive data analysis. In addition, they can create tools that allow you to view data in real-time, giving business leaders more agility.

Automation – Need of the Hour

The fast-paced, rapidly growing market lets the rabbit win and the turtle lose in the race. Automation is the only devil you can call to become fast and effective. Automation can be procured even without Data Science, but it will be a one-way headless bot and will mess up in case of any mishap. Data Science is eliminating repetitive and mundane jobs. For example, resume screening is a common job used by companies to scan through thousands of resumes daily to identify the right candidates to hire. Image recognition, which uses data science technology to convert visual information from resumes into digital format, is an apt example of a data science services application.

Evolve With Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is already here and most conventional business processes need to be revamped. Along with industry 4.0, automated logistics, process automation, digitized operations, etc., have become necessary adoptions for all leading businesses. Data Science lets you harness the power of Industry 4.0 standards. By collecting and using data correctly with the help of Data Science and AI, you can develop a better process for operations, production, and logistics.

Use of Workstations in the Data Science Field

Always remember the saying, “Today’s Breaking News is Tomorrow’s History,” so benefit from the latest Data Science technologies if you can. Large organizations are leveraging Data Science, and a powerful workstation is a gear to glide through. However, your efficiency and productivity may get hampered if you opt for data science implementation with your regular laptop or desktop. At the same time, your competitors would win the race and beat you on your turf.

Why Data Science Workstations?

We can drive the same car on any terrain and for any purpose. However, we still use different types of cars & vehicles for various purposes like cargo transport, public transport, private cars, shared vehicles, rented vehicles, etc. Likewise, an airplane can fly across the globe, but we use different aircraft for various purposes. Similarly, some devices can give outstanding results for certain types of workflows. However, typical laptops and desktops may not have the hardware configurations required for compute-heavy data science challenges. Even the best custom desktops are ill-equipped for Data science applications and machine learning.

If we put it, a workstation computer is a particular computer with more processing power than a standard PC. As a result, it can do more work than a typical business desktop. For example, workstations can do video editing, graphics rendering, 3D animation, VFX design, computer-aided design, data Analytics, Machine learning simulation, AI development, etc. Usually, they have more memory (RAM) and multiprocessor support. Some of the best Workstation PCs, like the HP Z8 G4 Workstation, come with 2x 56-Core Intel Xeon ascendable CPUs, 2x NVIDIA RTX A6000 GPUs, and 1TB RAM, which is engineered for the tasks mentioned above.

Pros of a Workstation PC for Data Science

Workstation PCs are equipped with powerful professional GPUs and not typical gaming GPUs. However, unlike gaming-optimized GPUs, professional ones provide better performance and hash rates in rendering and data mining. Workstation GPUs, a.k.a. Professional GPUs like Nvidia Quadro RTX A5000, typically have 12/24/48 GB VRAM. They also feature over 8000+ cores, which ease the load of big data processing. The Professional GPUs are the most significant component that turns a desktop into a workstation, providing far more computing power than any CPU.

Data Science workstation comes with ascendable CPUs like Intel Xeon, which features more cores and higher frequency. In addition, such processors support error checking and correcting memory, so they are more stable and less prone to data corruption that may be caused due to memory errors. Also, workstations feature ECC (Error correction code) RAM, which can detect and correct data corruption in memory.

Due to the rise in hybrid work culture, Mobile workstations can be excellent for professionals. For example, check out the HP Z Book Power 39.6 cm (15.6) G9 Mobile Workstation PC, which comes with 12th Gen Intel i7 CPU (14 cores, 20 threads), 16 GB DDR5 RAM, and NVIDIA Quadro T600 GPU.

Best Data Science Workstations

If your organization invests in data science, you might already have a team of data scientists and analysts. Consult them to get a hold of your system requirements for Data Science projects. Most businesses use HP Workstations PCs in India due to customer service and after-sales support. However, as workstations can be expensive, you must ensure your investment is future-proof and ascendable.

Check out the HP Z2 Tower G9 Workstation, which comes with 16 Core 12th gen Intel Core i9 CPU, NVIDIA RTX A5000 GPU, 128GB DDR4 ECC RAM and 48TB SSD storage. This is a budget segment Workstation PC, which can kick start your Data Science project. In addition to the budget, always stress requirements to determine which Workstation PC you should invest in.

Check out the HP Online Store for the best deals on Workstation laptops & PC.

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