Jump-Starting Data Professionals with the Right Tools

Jump-Starting Data Professionals with the Right Tools

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Working with data science is one of the most complex jobs in the market these days. From large-scale organizations to MSME companies, everyone is realizing the importance of data and inculcating new policies around it. While hiring data professionals is already challenging, giving them sufficient resources to get work done from them is even more difficult. To get the best out of data professionals, you need to equip them with the proper hardware and tools to ensure the highest productivity in the shortest of time.

Which Tools/Apps Are Required to Start with Data Science?

Data Science is a very vast process requiring a number of tools. For instance, a typical data science process would have Data Storage, Exploratory Data Analysis, Data Modelling, and Data Visualization. You need to have the right tools for every stage in order to improve productivity.

Here are some important Data Science tools for each stage:  

Data Storage: Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, SAS, Microsoft HD Insights, etc are used mostly for data storage.

Exploratory Data Analysis: MS Excel, PowerCenter, RapidMiner, Python, and BigML are frequently used for exploratory analysis of data.

Data Modelling: H2O.Ai, D3.JS, DataRobot, R, TensorFlow, NLTK, etc. are the most reliable and popular for the purpose of modeling data and creating customized data models.

Data Visualization: Here most people use Tableau, MS PowerBI, D3.JS, Qlikview, etc.

In order to run these tools smoothly, you need to ensure you have the right hardware. You also need an application to control, install, and configure all the above tools and applications easily. Even after installing all these tools, your hardware must be scalable enough to handle these applications as they run more complex workloads.

Here are some tips on how to choose the right device.

Opt for the Best Device

Working with data science/analytics is a resource-intensive job, so your old systems won’t do that. You must opt for proper devices if you want your professionals to work swiftly without any worry about system resources. If you’re working in a hybrid work environment, then desktop workstations may not be a good fit. It’s better to choose mobile workstation class laptops instead.

Speed Up Operation with Application Stack

According to the situation and requirements, data scientists switch between multiple technologies, applications, and frameworks. That’s why the system they use must always be ready to provide all the applications quickly and efficiently. So, developing a proper “Data Science Software Stack” is important to enhance their productivity. Developing such a software stack can be frustrating and confusing due to the numerous applications available in the market. That’s why nowadays, some laptop OEMs have the required software stack pre-installed on the device from the beginning.

HP’s Z series of mobile workstations or instances comes with the Z Data science Stack Manager. This lets you customize and manage your data science environment from a single tool. It can save you valuable time and also ensure that you have the latest versions of the best software tools available. That way, you can instantly & constantly customize your environment according to your needs.

Z by HP Data Science Stack Manager works in partnership with Z by HP Data Science Software Stack. It is available on Ubuntu or Windows via Microsoft’s Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL 2), and includes open-source software like TensorFlow and PyTorch, developer tools like Git and Visual Studio Code, along with support for NVIDIA CUDA, to name a few.

Scale Innovation with Cloud Power

No matter how powerful is your PC, you will always fall short of computing power. Since it’s not feasible to keep upgrading the hardware or buying a new device, OEMs like HP have introduced Remote/Cloud based workstation services to scale your computing capability. Called the ZCentral Remote Boost application, it’s a great place to start with cloud-based data science operations. It’s fast and secure, ensuring you get Dedicated Performance, Pro-grade collaboration, and Secure access to your data.

Some Devices for Data Professionals

For a hybrid work culture and cloud for data science operations, the HP ZBook Firefly 14 G9 Mobile Workstation PC is a good option. This device features a 12th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU, and an option to choose from 16, 32, or 64 GB DDR5 4800 MHz RAM. You also get the combo power of Nvidia Quadro T550 GPU and Intel Iris-Xe integrated SoC GPU. It comes with the ZCentral Remote Boost application and Z Data science Stack Manager pre-installed. This lets the user start working instantly right after unboxing.

For more demanding professionals and resource-hungry projects, you can go with the HP ZBook Fury 16 G9 Mobile Workstation – Data Science PCs. These devices use Nvidia Quadro RTX GPUs like A4500, A3000, A2000, etc. You can choose one according to your requirement & budget.

HP Zbook Mobile Workstations empower your data professional with top-of-the-line local system resources to start with, one-click cloud computing ability for scalability, and a pre-configured Software stack manager for swift operations.

Learn more about HP Z Mobile Workstation PC on HP Online Store.

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