Essential Data Science Tools for your Workstation

Essential Data Science Tools for your Workstation

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Data science has become one of the hottest jobs for tech professionals because most organizations need them to extract insights from their ever-growing data. In order to draw relevant insights, data science professionals require the right hardware and stack of software tools. This is a crucial step to become successful as a data science professional. We’ve put together a list that we feel should be a ‘must have’ in every data science professional’s arsenal of tools.

Types of Data Science Tools

Before choosing your software stack, keep in mind your end goal. You should focus on the modelling, and ensure that they work with the highest possible data quality. Once you understand your end goal, it’s time to understand that every stack is unique. At the most basic level, stacks generally include some, if not all, of these elements:

• Database
• ETL (extraction, transformation, and loading)
• Warehouse/Storage and data modelling
• Visualizations
• Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

As a data scientist, you would require different software tools like RAPIDS, TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, etc. to analyze data and create powerful models. You would require the right developer utilities to easily create and deploy your data science applications like Git, Visual Studio Code, Docker, etc. Cloud integration would help you to interact seamlessly. You could integrate them with any popular cloud platform for data science, like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

Configuring these tools can be extremely time consuming. According to research, 42% of data scientists say that configuring the required environment takes a lot of their time. Here, if you choose the right workstation, you can save this precious time and be ready to start using these tools from day one. You can curate them quickly and customize them for specific projects or workflows.

The Right Hardware to Run Data Science Tools

Being a professional, you should focus on your job, and not on managing tools and utilities. That’s why, you can save time by getting the right machine for the job. HP ZBook Studio G9 and ZBook Fury G9 data science workstations for instance, are built for data scientists with all the relevant tools right out of the box.

They come loaded with HP Data Science Stack Manager, which manages version control and software dependencies. It lets you access the most popular data science tools, enabling you to curate them on day one and customize them for specific projects or workflows. You can easily select, install, and access popular data science software and open-source tools for Windows or Ubuntu.

Customization is even easier. You can install or delete any program as workflows and projects change. Stop looking for new programs or investigating which software is no longer required, just focus on your work. The stack even takes care of doing automatic software updates.

Overall, as data science professionals, you need the right hardware and software stack to be productive from day one, instead of wasting time to install and configure various tools required for your job.

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