Choosing the Right Workstation for Healthcare Professionals

Choosing the Right Workstation for Healthcare Professionals

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In the healthcare industry, computing requirements have been evolving at a very fast pace. From accessing patient healthcare and medical records, to quickly accessing medical imaging, to even offering telehealth services, the compute requirements in healthcare are growing rapidly. Besides offering the required computing power, these systems must also be reliable, easy to maintain, and perform operations noiselessly for the silent hospital environments. Standard systems simply can’t meet these requirements. What’s needed for various roles in healthcare are workstation-class machines, be it desktop or mobile-based systems. Here are a few things that should be considered while choosing a workstation for healthcare.

Fast and Reliable

To start with, workstations in healthcare facilities should be fast and have reliable access to patient information. Healthcare industries deal with a large number of patients and need to store and access their information. This information can come from multiple sources, be it local servers, the health system, a cloud application, or even from the system itself. Moreover, it’s accessed by a non-techy medical staff who needs reliable access to all this information and therefore doesn’t really have time or knowledge to troubleshoot if something goes wrong. Workstations can provide the required reliability and computing power to access this information without delays.

Productivity and Accuracy

Picture Archiving and Communication System, or PACS is a common requirement in any hospital or healthcare institute. Such systems deal with the storage and transmission of CT, MRI, and PET imaging results. Radiologists need to access images from a PACS for interpretation and review. They need a system that can deliver a fast and lag-free experience while opening these images. Here again, they can’t afford to keep waiting for images to load while patients are waiting. Workstation class machines are again required here, and can really help increase the productivity of radiology staff.

Cool and Noise-Free Operation

Another requirement from systems in healthcare is all-day, noise-free operation. The machines they use must be running non-stop for the whole day. Since heat is the biggest enemy of any electronic device, they need a system that stays cool while running. Plus, they can’t afford to have a very noisy machine either, since hospitals usually maintain a silent environment. Workstation class machines again come to the rescue here. They’re performance workhorses that are built to run effortlessly for the whole day. That’s why they’ve got an excellent thermal design that keeps them cool throughout. Moreover, workstation vendors also tend to design their machines in a manner that they run noiselessly.

Maintenance-Free Design

A healthcare workstation should also be designed so that it’s very easy to maintain. Should the need arise for the system to undergo maintenance, then it should be easy to open. Workstation class machines are designed to make this hassle-free, with minimal need for tools. This makes it easy for the IT department to service them.


Workstations are also required to enable telehealth facilities, which bring the expertise of medical specialists to rural areas and emergency transport vehicles, such as ambulances and aircraft. Here again, you need workstation-class machines that can tackle the daily shocks and jerks that are common to these requirements.

Overall, healthcare professionals require fast, reliable, cool, and noiseless machines that provide the required performance to enhance their productivity. HP’s Z Workstations, for instance, is designed with all these qualities. They’re designed to reduce overall acoustic output levels while providing extremely efficient heat removal from processors. In addition, they have long product lifecycles and easy serviceability.

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