Best CPU and GPU Combination for Architects and Video Editors

Best CPU and GPU Combination for Architects and Video Editors

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CPU is the brain and most important part of every machine, but in case of workstations, if you don’t add the right GPU with it, you won’t get the required performance. For graphics workstations, you the right CPU and GPU combination is a must to maximize your productivity.

For instance, to run video editing software applications like Adobe Suite, you need Intel Core i7 or higher CPU coupled with NVIDIA GeForce RTX series graphics. To run animation software like Autodesk 3DS Max, you need a more powerful combination. Let’s understand this in more detail.

The Right Configuration for Video Editing

Most professional video editors use software like Adobe Premier, Filmora, Camtasia, etc. While you will be able to run them on a PC with an Intel Core i5 CPU, 8 GB RAM and dedicated 2 GB GPU, but the overall performance will be compromised. You won’t be able to do smooth multitasking. While adding effects and slides, you will see a performance lag. Moreover, the video rendering will take lots of time.

This configuration would not be effective in the long run. As the software gets upgraded to newer versions, its hardware requirements would go up. This would further deteriorate the performance.

A better configuration for long-term usage for video editors would be to go with at least an Intel Core i5 or higher CPU, 8 GB or higher RAM, and at least 2 GB or higher professional series discrete graphics.

If you’re looking for video editing on the move, wherein you can present your work to clients, then you should check out the HP Z Book Mobile workstation (286X2PA). The laptop is powered by Intel Core i7 CPU, and comes with 16 GB RAM and NVIDIA Quadro P520 (4GB) dedicated graphics. The machine costs around 1.27L.

Graphics and Compute Needs of Architects

Architects also deal with lots of graphics, but these are different from video editing. For instance, in order to run 3DS Max for 3D modelling, Autodesk’s min recommended specs are a multi-core CPU with 16 GB RAM and 4 GB discrete graphics. This however is the bare minimum configuration that will give you sluggish performance and you can forget about doing multitasking.

The recommended specs would be an Intel Core i7 CPU, 16 GB or higher RAM along with 6 GB discrete graphics. Here again, you can’t just choose any discrete graphics with 6 GB of video memory. Different GPUs are built for different purposes – games, video editors and architects, etc. What you should choose is either an Nvidia Quadro or AMD FirePro series of GPUs as they’ll be perfect for handling architectural software applications.

If you’re an architect who’s looking for a machine you could carry around with you and give you the freedom to work from anywhere, then one machine worth exploring is the HP ZBook Firefly 14 G7 (286X2PA) Mobile Workstation. This machine comes with an Intel Core i7 processor, 16 GB RAM, NVIDIA Quadro P520 (4 GB GDDR5) dedicated graphics. The machine costs around Rs. 1.27L.

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