5 Reasons to Go for Desktop Instead of Laptop

5 Reasons to Go for Desktop Instead of Laptop

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Whether to buy a desktop or laptop is an age old, never-ending debate. Both have their own unique space so the choice actually depends upon your requirement. There is no doubt that laptops have become powerful in the past couple of years, thanks to all the technology advancements.

Yet, powerful laptops are still not as powerful as a desktop with the “same” specs. Here are five reasons when to choose a desktop instead of

Economical Over the Same Configuration

When you compare the same configuration of a laptop vs a desktop, the cost of a desktop tends to be lower as compared to the laptop. For instance, if you need a machine with an Intel Core i5 CPU, 8 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD, the laptop will cost you around INR 55k while a desktop can cost INR 40k.

Better Performance with the Same Specs

There is no doubt, and everyone would agree with this. If you are comparing two similar spec laptops and desktops for their performance, the desktop would surely outrun the laptop. The reason is quite simple, the desktop components usually come with full-size parts which are more powerful than their similar counterparts for laptops.

More Upgradeability

With any laptop, you can only upgrade storage and RAM up to a certain limit. That’s not the case with desktops. You can upgrade almost everything, be it RAM, GPU, Storage, etc. In case you have a CPU that is old gen for instance 8th Gen Intel Core i5, then you could even get a new motherboard that supports the latest gen Intel processor and your new machine is ready.

More Ventilation and Airflow

The desktop got more space and a better cooling system compared to the laptop, which results in no or extremely less thermal damage to its components. As it has superior temperature control, meaning it can handle even more intensive tasks. Whether you play games or deal with high-graphics intensive software applications, a desktop can manage them pretty easily without damaging its counterparts.

Multiple Form Factors

Usually, when we think of desktop PCs, we imagine big and bulky machines. However, thanks to tech developments, now you can get desktop PCs in multiple form factors. There are the regular medium or tower models, or All-in-One PCs. You’ll even find slim desktops, like the HP 280 Pro G6 Microtower PC. These PCs can fit in your work area without consuming too much space.


Overall, desktops are cost-effective, more powerful, durable and provide lots of upgradability options. Another factor that makes desktops better than laptops is a large variety of options – specs and customisation. For professionals or gamers, who prefer performance over portability, surely desktop is the better choice. Nowadays, you can get a powerful All-in-One PC that is portable as well as powerful. Take for instance the HP Pavilion 32-b0590in All-in-One Desktop PC. It’s powered by 12th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, 1 TB SSD, 16 GB RAM and Intel UHD Graphics. This PC has a 31.5-inch QHD screen that holds all PC components inside and gives you a clutter-free computing experience with amazing performance to all your workloads.

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