11 Applications of VR Headsets

11 Applications of VR Headsets

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Virtual Reality headsets have been around for a long time. Video game companies first released them in 1990s, but they didn’t really pick up at that time. Then, by the mid-2010s, VR festivals began to emerge. Now, in 2021, you’ll find a huge variety of VR headsets available from different companies with amazing features. Moreover, they’ve now evolved and moved beyond video games, and are being put to use in various other industries for various purposes. 

The Fundamentals of a VR Headset

There are two types of headsets available. There’s a low-cost variety, which requires you to insert a smartphone loaded with a VR application into the headset. You wear the headset and view the smartphone screen in 3D, creating a virtual world all round you. This could be used for entertainment purpose, like giving your kids a visit to the zoo where they can actually see wild animals up and close. Real estate firms could use them to give prospective customers tours of various properties. 

The more expensive ones are connected to a system with applications or games running on it. These can also be used with other accessories like headphones for better audio quality, or treadmills to show you different types of surroundings to make your run more interesting. There are hand controllers that are also available to translate your real-world gestures into a game or application you are using. You can even use standard gaming joypads with them. 

One well-known type of VR headset is the HP Reverb Virtual Reality Headset – PRO EDITION. The fact that seeing is believing has been incorporated into the VR headset. It has double the resolution with 9.3 Megapixels combined panel resolutions. Plus, it offers full RGB sub pixel stripe and an extended 114-degree field.

Applications of VR Headsets

The number of possible applications that VR headsets can be put to use in has increased considerably. Here are some of them.

Tech Support in Remote Manufacturing Plants: In manufacturing plants that are located in remote areas, VR headsets can be used by to get support for highly specialized machinery by engineers sitting anywhere in the world. This helps in circumstances where it’s not possible for an engineer to travel all the way to the plant.

Movies: A VR headset blocks the ambient light and other distractions so your experience is not ruined. This is why VR is a great option for watching movies; it will make you feel like you are actually sitting in a theatre with seats and a large screen.

Gaming: Gaming with VR headsets has been with us since 1990s, as they were traditionally used for video gaming only. Later the purposes and uses changed. The HP Reverb Virtual Reality Headset for instance, takes immersive gaming to another level. From deep environmental interactions to puzzle solving, world exploration to visceral combat, you can be an active first-party participant in the game you’re playing.

Virtual Tourism: VR headsets are also being used for tourism too. VR shows 360-degree view and hence is convenient for using in virtual tourism. 

Crime Scene Reconstruction: Since VR headset has the ability to take you to different places as per your interest; it is advantageous to use it in crime solving. You will be able to look into crime scene places anytime and anywhere. It can help find and analyze something that was missed earlier in crime scenes. 

Virtual Car Showroom: There are many companies who’re taking their showrooms to the customer through VR headsets. So instead of a customer going to the showroom to look at the cars, they can experience the vehicles with a VR headset from the comfort of their room. It allows them to take a close look at the vehicle both from the outside as well as the inside. 

Live Streaming of Events: Now for live streaming of events, install the app and instantly view the launch event in 360 degrees using a virtual reality headset. 

Advanced Healthcare: VR headsets in healthcare, means faster and better diagnosis. For example, as we know CT scan results have to be viewed in flat screens and prints, which makes it difficult for doctors to do fast and accurate diagnosis. For this VR headsets can be used by doctors, as they will be able to see scans in much greater detail and manipulate them in 3D space. Further, VR can also be used for remote surgical tools, risk-free training of health care professionals and in some cases, even treatment of patients. You can now tackle the complex challenges of surgery and help clients visualize your plan with a new level of clarity using HP Reverb Virtual Reality Headset.

Adds Dimension to Home Shopping: Though shopping is fun it can be hectic at times and time consuming. Now you can also indulge into home shopping instead of travelling from one store to another. 

Military Training: Training is the most essential part in military. Nothing is better than training soldiers in rough and tough situation with enemies. VR can supplement the actual training, putting soldiers in a safe environment while simulating all possible situations and enemies. From high-risk safety simulations and maintenance procedures to soft skills HP Reverb Virtual Reality Headset enables 7X more. 

Drone Control: Drones are used for various purposes across the globe. For live streaming events to watching military camps drones are used. Now the problem arises when one is not able to see the drone. Here VR plays a key role. VR provides a way to control a drone even when you can’t see it. It is also possible to send a drone on a reconnaissance mission; it will send a live feed from its cameras to your VR headset so that you can remotely control it. HP Reverb Virtual Reality Headset now has more cameras for better tracking. 

Buying Considerations

Now that you know the applications that VR headsets can be used for today, it becomes important to choose the right one for your requirements. 

First, you should always go for a branded VR headset from a reputed vendor. This will give you the required services and support when you need it. You should of course make sure that the VR head manufacturer is present in India, so that you’re not running around to get service and support from another country. 

Third, you should look for what type of warranty is being offered. The HP Reverb G2 VR headset for instance, comes with one-year pan India warranty and an optional 3 years upgrade warranty. It also has the option to add ADP (accidentally damage protection) to the warranty. 

Lastly, check if the VR headset has been certified for running any of the applications that you plan to run for it. For instance, the HP Reverb G2 VR Headset is certified for Valve Steam and Microsoft. 

With the progress of time, VR technology will keep on improving and start entering our lives. Expect the use cases of VR to grow over time.

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