Business or Workstation Class Laptop: What’s Right for Software Developers?

Both business and workstation-class laptops can be suitable for software development depending on the specific needs of the developer. Typically, business and workstation laptops are designed for different purposes, which leads to some significant differences between the two. Due to the differences, choosing

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Jump-Starting Data Professionals with the Right Tools

Working with data science is one of the most complex jobs in the market these days. From large-scale organizations to MSME companies, everyone is realizing the importance of data and inculcating new policies around it. While hiring data professionals is

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How Data Scientists can Maximize their Productivity with Mobile Workstations

Data scientists need powerful computing resources like high-performance CPUs, large memory, ample storage, and a dedicated GPU with plenty of video memory in order to work effectively. Today, however, they must also be able to work remotely on their device.

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