Multi-Function Laser or Inkjet Printer: What’s Right for your Business?

Multi-Function Laser or Inkjet Printer: What’s Right for your Business?

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Determining which multi-function printer – Laser or Inkjet is better for you or your business takes a lot of research and time. Although they may serve the same purpose, but they operate differently, so you have probably wondered what the differences are between the two. Knowing the differences, you can make an educated decision for your business or home office.

Laser vs Inkjet – Technology

A laser printer uses a non-impact photocopier technology, in which keys don’t strike the paper. A laser beam reproduces the image and prints it on the drum. This laser light runs side to side over the drum and the negatively charged toner (cylindrical component) that allows the laser to pick up ink in a powder form through static electricity. Then toner and paper meet to leave a permanent impression.

While Inkjet printers spray tiny ink droplets onto the paper. In this, the printer employs a moving print head, filled with colour and black ink. This head goes side to side and spray the ink bubbles onto the documents being printed.

While most of the functions will be similar in both inkjet and laser printers, the two different technologies achieve printing results in very different ways.

Laser Vs Inkjet – Cost Per Page

The upfront cost of the printer can be a major factor in choosing the right printer for you. But when it comes to choosing a printer for business, cost per page matters more than ownership cost. Inkjet printers are less expensive compared to the laser one, as inkjet technology is less complex thus the cost of manufacturing is also lower.

On the other hand, the printing cost of inkjet is higher than laser. The refilling and replacing cost of the toner on a laser printer is lesser than that of a cartridge refill in an inkjet. Plus, as compared to inkjets, you can print more pages with a laser. You can calculate the cost per page using the formula – cartridge price /page yield = cost per page.

Depending on the nature of your business, you can print multiple documents on a daily basis. The cost per page of a laser printer will be less expensive compare to inkjet, so we recommend to buy a laser printer for business to save extra every month.

Laser vs Inkjet – Print Quality and Speed

Laser printers produce fine quality of text and graphics, making it an ideal choice for document printing.

Photograph output is of moderate quality with laser, while, inkjets produce sharp and vivid images. Inkjet printers outshine when you want to print on wide variety of media like vinyl, plastic, cloth, etc.

Compared to a laser printer, inkjet is slow when it comes to printing black and white text pages. Laser printers can print more than 20 pages per minutes. A printer like HP Color LaserJet Managed MFP E77825dn Plus can print up to 25 pages per minutes. Inkjets are slower with around 5 pages per minute. This is one of the main reasons to choose a laser printer over inkjets for business.


For business, laser printer is a clear choice. MFP laser printer comes in different variants, so you can choose as per your requirement. It supports MPS (Managed Print Services) that empowers smarter, faster, more connected teams. One can opt for cloud solutions for teams to collaborate with various documents from one to another office and even on the go. Also, the business laser printers are secured from various attacks with advanced security solutions that address people, processes and compliance requirements.

You can check out the various available printers at to pick the one that suits your needs.

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