When to Consider Buying a Desktop Over a Laptop

When to Consider Buying a Desktop Over a Laptop

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Though the demand for laptops has been growing considerably, they’ve still not reached a level where they can completely replace desktop PCs. There are still many scenarios where a desktop is a better choice than a laptop. Let’s understand the advantages of desktops over laptops for budget-conscious users, professionals whose work deals with high processing power needs, and certain setups where desktops are inevitable hardware infrastructure necessities.

What Every Avid Gamer Wants

Let’s say you love to play PUBG and hate to be ousted at any cost. You know you can reach higher levels with ease, for which you need a decent graphics card and a high-resolution monitor with a higher refresh rate. Though laptops also come with dedicated graphics, but the ones for desktops are far more powerful.

Plus, gamers also prefer to buy a lot of gaming accessories, like headphone stands gaming chairs, ergonomic gaming desks, fancy mics, and speakers, to name a few. All of these look really good and are more suitable for desktops giving the gamer the feeling of sitting on a mighty desk. Though the accessories can be plugged into the laptop as well, they won’t give the same feeling of power to the gamer.

Take a gaming desktop like Victus by HP 15L Gaming Desktop PC TG02-0005 for instance. The machine will give any gamer the feeling of owning a powerful beast. If they want something even more powerful and fancier looking, then they could also consider the OMEN by HP 45L Gaming Desktop PC GT22-0004in.

More Upgradability

The processing speed of the CPU and GPU in Desktops is far higher than those in laptops. That’s because they feature a higher clock speed in the desktop version, which makes their performance better. Moreover, high-end desktops even support multiple GPUs, have more than 2 RAM slots, and you can even upgrade both the CPU and GPU. All this is not possible with a laptop.

For any profession that requires high-end computing, a desktop PC is the default choice. Plus, as their projects become heavier, they need a machine that can be upgraded without too much difficulty. For instance, a cinematographer or a 4K video editor, or even a data scientist are some demanding PC users whose needs grow very frequently. Having a powerful desktop on their table makes more sense than a laptop.

Desktops for Business Users

Businesses require cost-effective solutions. With the always-changing technology, businesses also have to change computation requirements. This calls for more upgradability features to ensure better RoI. Plus, desktops are more cost-effective for entry-level office work. Moreover, they’re also more easily serviceable, e.g. in case of malfunction of accessories like keyboard, mouse, or headphones, then replacing them is easier, cheaper, and does not require any tech skills. With laptops, you have to call the service center.

Desktops for Home Automation

IoT and home automation are on the rise. Home automation is the idea of connecting devices in your house to a centralized network controller. This doesn’t mean you can’t control devices outside your house, but there has to be a controller, which is a powerful centralized PC system that is networked for you. Essentially, this controller has to be always running. It will heat up continuously and needs adequate heat dissipation and ventilation features, which a desktop is better equipped with. The controller has to be stationary for its maximum utility inside the house.

For instance, the HP Desktop PC M01-F2791in is a great option for home automation. Powered by a 12th gen Intel i7 CPU, the setup comes reasonably priced with a robust system cabinet.

Check out the HP Online Store if you are looking for office, home, or gaming desktops.

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