What to Expect from a Top-of-the-Line Business Laptop?

What to Expect from a Top-of-the-Line Business Laptop?

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OEMs have a separate category of laptops that they’ve created for business users. These are very different from their consumer counterparts in terms of features, build quality, security, power backup, screen clarity, to name a few. Moreover, there’s a whole range of options to choose from even in the business laptops space. That’s where the problem begins. While there are lots of comparisons between business and consumer laptops, not much is talked about within the business laptop category itself. So, you might end up buying a business machine assuming you’ll get certain features, but only to realize after purchase that there’s a more expensive model that contains what you were looking for. That’s why in this blog, we’re going to create a checklist of all the features to expect in top-of-the-line business laptops. So next time, when you do go out to buy one, keep this check-list handy to identify the right device for your business needs. The top of the line laptop will probably have all the features, so identify the features you need and then choose the right high-end laptop for your needs.

Extremely Lightweight and Robust Build Quality: Some of the best business laptop models are also extremely thin and lightweight, some weighing not more than 1 kg. Plus, some top end models are made of Magnesium Alloy CNC design construction. This is the same material as used in aircraft, which makes them both lightweight and extremely robust. You’ll also find models with all-Aluminum body, which are slightly heavier, but also very robust. These are also designed to withstand rigorous military standard testing and sanitization.

Profound Security and Privacy: No one wants to lose their precious data, but the reality is that hackers are constantly after it and there’s no stopping them. OEMs nowadays are building a lot of security features in their business laptop models.

For instance, HP has a whole range of security features in its business laptops. There’s Sure Start that protects the BIOS. It restores the BIOS from backup should it get corrupted by a malware program. There’s HP Sure Run Gen which identifies, quarantines, and provides reporting on attackers trying to kill processes on your machine. There’s also HP Sure Click, which let’s you browse the Internet without any fear of getting hacked as the laptop protects you from websites. You don’t have to worry about malicious websites or rogue download files with it.

Webcams also come with an automatic and manual webcam shutter, which you can use to cover your webcam. It prevents video hackers to snoop into your privacy without you ever knowing about it. The automatic shutter is motorized and therefore opens and closes at the press of a button, while the manual one as the name suggests has to be operated by hand.

Next-gen Collaboration Features: Who could have imagined that OEMs would be loading their laptop webcams with lots of features? For instance, there’s also automatic face recognition based login/logout. The webcam logs you into your device the moment you sit in front of it and automatically logs you out when you get up from your seat. This is a good feature to have especially if you often forget to lock your laptop whenever you getup from your seat to go get a coffee or talk to a colleague for a few minutes.

Nowadays, webcam resolutions have also increased and they’re even able to enhance image quality in light or dark rooms. This ensures you look your best in online meetings. Plus, there are other features that fix you into a frame so that even if you walk around in front of the webcam while talking in a virtual meeting, you’re never out of the frame. Moreover, the microphone also ensures your voice doesn’t keep swaying as you move about. Laptops even come with microphones that support AI based noise reduction to remove all background noise. So if you’re talking in a virtual meeting, others can hear you clearly irrespective of whatever noise is there in the background (like a dog barking or the cooker’s whistle going off in the kitchen, etc.).

There are even technologies like Clear Voice in HP laptops which ensures that your voice is clear and not muffled even if you’re talking while wearing a mask.

Long Lasting Battery: Premium laptops don’t only look good, but they also deliver amazing battery performance. The Dragonfly from HP for instance can last upto 24 hours on battery. Plus, its battery charges quickly up to 50% within just 30 minutes.

Display Quality: With top-of-the-line laptops, you can expect a screen with high resolution up to 3K delivering stunning image quality. They even have 1000 nits of brightness that enables you to see the screen clearly even in direct sunlight. Plus, top end laptops will come with features that keep your eyes safe from blue light.

Another interesting feature is screen view protection to ensure people sitting on your sites or standing behind you can’t see your screen. In HP for instance, there’s a feature called Sure View, which reduces the viewing angle of the screen so that you can do your work comfortably even when sitting in a public place with lots of people peeping into your work from the sides.

Adequate Compute Power: Though it depends on your choice of hardware, but every top-of-the-line laptop comes packed with the latest hardware. This includes the latest gen processor (Intel or AMD), high capacity SSD (M.2 NVMe PCIe 5.o), DDR5 RAM and latest connectivity features like Bluetooth 5, Wi-Fi 6, etc.

As you could well imagine by now how many features are being integrated into high-end business laptops. You’re not just paying for the hardware configuration, but also features that were integrated after years of market research.

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