PC Buying Guide for Businesses in 2023

PC Buying Guide for Businesses in 2023

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Desktop PCs and laptops have been evolving rapidly over the years. OEMs have been segmenting and sub-segmenting their products to cater to various business users’ requirements.

Today, you can find PCs or laptops for entry-level business executives, mid-level managers, salespeople who are mostly on the road, and top management who need a robust and reliable computing device to work from anywhere.

In 2023, buying a business PC or laptop is no longer a simple decision where you determine the technical specs like CPU, RAM, storage, etc. and ask the OEM to ship you the quantity of PC boxes you need. Today, you must also determine the features you need, as they differentiate the device for different types of users.

Form Factor

Today, both PCs and laptops are available in various form factors that cater to different business needs. Being thin and light is a very important criteria in laptops, especially for busy executives who need computing on the move without carrying too much weight on their shoulders. Today, you can get laptops that are as light as 1 to 1.2 kg. They don’t compromise on performance just because they’re lightweight. They can fit in enough memory, storage, and graphics power to cater to all user needs.

In desktops for instance, you can choose from 4 different form factors—Standard desktop tower, micro-tower, slim, and AiO. The standard desktop is what most people are used to seeing as it has been around for years. These offer the maximum space for components and future upgradability. Microtower is smaller than standard tower, but still has plenty of space inside for upgrades. The micro-tower is the smallest in desktops, measuring less than 12 inches in height and less than 4 inches width. These can easily fit into a tight desktop space.

Lastly, The AiO or All-in-One (AIO) PC is a great option to consolidate your workspace. It places the entire CPU unit inside the monitor so that you don’t have to place the desktop below the table and monitor on top. This will save your users a lot of legroom. What’s more AiOs have better aesthetics, which makes them look great at your reception or any area of public display.


Security has become critical today so much so that every business must go beyond installing traditional anti-virus software on their fleet of PCs and laptops. You need machines that have several other built-in security features.

As an example, let’s take some of the security features in HP’s business PCs and laptops. They come with a self-healing BIOS – HP Sure Start that automatically recovers the BIOS from malware and rootkits that might corrupt it. They come with a physical shutter on the webcam that protects your privacy from malicious surveillance.

In case unwanted malware enters your PC, there’s HP Sure Run that stops unwanted changes to the security settings and helps limit the spread of malware. It also identifies, quarantines, and provides you reports on attackers who’re trying to kill processes. There’s also HP Sure Click, which protects your PC from websites and read-only Microsoft Office and PDF attachments with embedded malware, ransomware, or viruses with hardware-enforced security.

Additionally, the HP Sure Admin feature stores configuration and public keys in the HP Endpoint Security Controller’s isolated and protected storage of the target PC, providing advanced integrity protection against attacks targeting replacement of authorized keys with the attacker’s public key.

Collaboration is Crucial

Most meetings happen over video calls nowadays, and professionals need a high-quality integrated camera, speaker, and microphone to have an effective meeting. Earlier, professionals looked for performance while choosing a laptop. Nowadays, high-quality video conferencing capabilities have become a prime requirement. OEMs understand this and equip PCs/laptops with high-resolution cameras, efficient microphones, and speakers managed with AI for better collaboration.

For example, HP laptops come with an integrated intelligent camera setup with a 5 Megapixel IR smart sensor that intelligently tracks and frames your face at the center. Termed as GlamCam, the feature enhances your video calls with an AI-powered appearance filter. Moreover, it also packs AI based Noise Reduction and Dynamic Voice Levelling that lets you be heard clearly without interruption and seen in dim or excess lighting conditions.


Performance, collaboration, security, weight, battery (in case of a laptop), and upgradability are a few factors to consider. Service and support are also essential considerations when choosing a laptop. You need to select an OEM like HP that has a wide range of business laptops catering to different needs and can provide service support to users no matter where they are. HP can also send the devices pre-installed with the OS and software that you need.

Click here to visit the HP Online store for more information and pricing details on various business laptops and workstations.

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