Laptop for New Age Content Creator

Laptop for New Age Content Creator

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Gone are the days when content creators were writers who were always glued to their keyboards typing away text-heavy blogs or articles. Today’s content creators have diverse needs.

They have to create numerous content formats like Memes, social media posts, presentations, infographics, eBooks, or even audio/video recordings to post on YouTube or run in a virtual meeting platform like Zoom, MS Teams, etc. They need a laptop companion that doesn’t just run Office, but one that can handle the new age content creation and hosting tools.

Here are a few things you should look for if you’re a new age content creator.

Battery life

Higher is better. In order to write, content creators must also read content like news, scholarly articles, and research reports; view videos and presentations for their secondary research. They might even use software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, etc. in case they’re into creating infographics.

All these really utilize more compute resources, which will drain the battery quickly in case of power cut. You want to ensure your laptop gives you enough backup to keep working for longer hours.

Full HD screen

As content creators nowadays create a lot of audio, video, and graphics content, they need a screen that gives them the best quality output. So choose a laptop that offers Full HD screen for better clarity, and don’t forget to check for an anti-glare coating on the screen so that it doesn’t strain your eyes. Plus, look for a protective layer that guards against scratches and smudges.

Comfortable Keyboard

No matter what type of content you produce, you will always need a good keyboard, so avoid going for a laptop with cramped keys. You must be able to comfortably and quickly type your content. If you like to work in a quite environment, then ensure that the keys don’t make too much noise, else it will disturb you and others around you.

You can choose between traditional, chiclet, or mechanical style keyboards. A keyboard with backlighting is essential nowadays so that you can use it even in the dark, like when you’re on a long-haul overnight flight.

Compact yet powerful machine

Configuration can vary depending upon your software usage. If you are going to produce video, images and infographics then you should consider a laptop with a discrete graphics card.

You should also keep storage in mind, as you’ll have plenty and wide variety of data to store. So don’t go for anything less than 1 TB. A Core i5 or above CPU is highly recommended for power content creators.

Ports and Connectivity

Make sure you have as many ports as possible on the laptop with the latest versions so that you can quickly exchange different types of files. You should also go for a laptop that supports the latest WiFi 6 standard. This will ensure that your local connectivity is fast and doesn’t get choked when you’re presenting something in a virtual meeting platform like Zoom of MS Teams.


A writer can choose a laptop like HP 348 G7 Notebook PC which is powered by 10th Gen CPU, 8 GB RAM and 1 TB HDD. For video and infographics kind of content creators, one of the Elitebooks would make more sense.

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