How to Choose a Laptop for Full-Stack Web Development

How to Choose a Laptop for Full-Stack Web Development

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Programming and developing web applications involves working with a lot of text. Very rarely you will need support for extreme graphics processing. So you don’t need a very high-end laptop with a dedicated GPU for full-stack web development. There are other things to look at apart from this for a smooth and professional experience. Keep reading to learn more about the key points.

Decent Configuration Is Enough

You certainly don’t need a powerhouse configuration for web development. A simple entry-level CPU is enough for the job. Though as a professional, it’s never a good idea to opt for Intel Celeron or AMD Athlon CPUs. The latest Gen Intel Core i3 is the justified choice for a full-stack developer. Along with CPU, in 2022, 8 GB RAM is the norm which is just enough. An integrated SoC GPU like Intel Iris-X is more than enough to satisfy most power-hungry web development requirements.

Windows OS is the best choice for development, with Linux being a custom choice for some. Locking yourself within an ecosystem of a Macbook or Chromebook is not a good idea from a developer’s PoV.

A Trustworthy Device

For web development professionals, the reliability of the device counts as the top priority, especially for remote workers. So, the device needs to be robust enough to withstand traveling and rough usages all day long. At the same time, the battery needs to be powerful enough to keep you online for 8 hours at least so that you can keep developing even if you are outdoors or there is a power outage.

For the above requirements, you need to choose a reliable OEM to depend on, so choose wisely. According to studies, HP is the most trusted brand for Windows laptops among professionals in most parts of the world. HP has the highest number of service centers worldwide and is also well-known for its battery quality. HP laptop batters support 1000 life cycles which ensures stable performance for at least 3 years. They’re also the only brand to give an equal period of warranty coverage to the battery as the rest of the laptop. In most other brands, the battery is given lesser warranty coverage than the laptop device.

Connectivity Features are Crucial

Connecting the laptop to LAN is not a feasible solution for all situations. So, you need reliable Wi-Fi connectivity to help you work smoothly. Wi-Fi 6E is the latest version of the standard and is perfect for web developers. If the device also comes with the latest Bluetooth 5.2 standard-based connectivity, then you are good to go for any wireless accessory connectivity.

On the other hand, you might collaborate with others using external media devices. For that, USB Type-C and USB Type-A 3.2 ports are some other requirements for professionals. If you work with UX-UI designs frequently, then opting for a device with a touchscreen will grant you better access to the interface. Check out the HP Envy Laptop if you want to explore the best features of a touchscreen interface on a professional laptop.

Collaboration Features

For a seamless digital collaboration experience, having the best connectivity features paint only half the picture. A proper collaborative connection takes place when the team can talk to each other directly over a video call. For a seamless professional video calling experience, you need a great webcam besides good network connectivity. In 2023, I would recommend going for a 5MP True 1080P IR-Sensing webcam, paired with a 2×2 AI Noise cancellation Mics.

Fast Charging is Mandatory

No professional has enough time to invest just to charge the devices. So, having fast charging capability on laptops is as mandatory as having it on your smartphone. USB Type-C fast charging is the most effective and popular solution these days. Apart from premium laptops, many business segment devices are also featuring the same technology these days. Check out the HP Envy Laptops as an example.

Security Requirements

No matter how strong your passwords are, the first level of security to your data starts at the local device. Although entering long & complex passwords every time you log in can be very annoying, so, having a biometric/fingerprint lock makes your life easier. Some companies often provide external USB Type-A security keys for advanced 3rd party protection, but having a fingerprint sensor strengthens the security with one extra layer of protection.

Check out the features of HP Wolf Security for the best BIOS-level security and local data safety. You can find this feature on any HP EliteBook 840 Laptop. Another security feature is the camera shutter which a professional should not overlook to ensure privacy.

Productivity Add-ons

A device that is lightweight and has a nice form factor is always a go-to choice for most professionals. But web developers work with multiple tabs and windows opened at the same time. For this, they require a bigger display. Most professional laptops, however, come with 14-inch and 15.6-inch displays which might not be enough for many.

So, I recommend going for a laptop with the form factor you like, but add a large external display with that to get more screen real-estate to work on. You have to ensure that your device comes with an HDMI or micro HDMI port, which supports an external FHD display at least. Personally, I would recommend opting for a 27-inch 4K monitor for the best productivity.

Aesthetic Setup

Aesthetics are very important in a laptop, especially for WHF/WHA professionals. Having a nice & quiet, well-lit room with an aesthetic desk setup and a comfy chair that makes you want to sit on it are some inevitable factors for best productivity. If you already have a setup, make sure to choose a device that matches the vibe and lets you work with fun.

Some Laptops for Full Stack Developers

My first recommendation would be the HP ENVY x360 2-in-1 Laptop 13-bf0085TU for premium users. This device is based on the Intel Evo platform and has a Core i5 CPU to ensure super-fast 1-second login, which is the best choice for busy professionals. With the touch screen x360-degree rotating display, the same device can be used as a tablet when required. It weighs only 1.3 Kg and features a robust Aluminum made body for longevity and a premium look & feel.

If you are looking for something more subtle then you should check out the HP Pavilion Laptop 14-dv2053TU. It’s powered by a 12th Gen Intel Core i5 CPU, Intel Iris-X GPU, 8 GB RAM, and 511 M.2 SSD. On the other hand for budget-conscious users, I recommend the HP Laptop 15s-fq5007TU. It features the bare minimum requirement for Web Developers, with a premium build and robust battery. Both the above devices come with the Aluminum chassis for lightweight (1.6 Kg) & robust build along with 8+ hours of battery backup.

Check out the HP Online Store for the best laptops for professionals and developers.
Browse the PriceHush website if you want to compare the prices of various laptops.

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