How Data Scientists can Maximize their Productivity with Mobile Workstations

How Data Scientists can Maximize their Productivity with Mobile Workstations

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Data scientists need powerful computing resources like high-performance CPUs, large memory, ample storage, and a dedicated GPU with plenty of video memory in order to work effectively. Today, however, they must also be able to work remotely on their device. This is not possible on a traditional laptop because it won’t provide the required computing capability. To achieve true performance, mobility as well as flexibility, data science professionals need a solution that has been designed just for them…a mobile workstation. Let’s understand why.

Why a Mobile Workstation?

Data science necessitates powerful computing and math processing. Moreover, the whole design must be built to defend against excessive heat. In the past, you could only achieve this with a desktop workstation. But now, computer engineers have managed to fit all these attributes into a lightweight mobile workstation. Specs in such a mobile workstation can include 16 to 128 GB RAM, 1 to 8 TB storage, powerful processors like Intel Core i9 vPro or Xeon processor, and GPU processing power of an NVIDIA RTX A5000 or A5500. Such devices empower data science professionals to work with desktop-level computing capability remotely.

How a Mobile Workstation Improves Productivity?

There are numerous ways that a portable device can improve the productivity of any professional. Let’s understand this with respect to Data scientists.

Freedom from a Fixed Desk: Freedom for mobile workstations means the ability to try wild experiments and develop creatively from anywhere. DS executives and Machine learning developers can try anything as often as desired, which provides flexibility that can translate into a better workstyle, lifestyle, and greater productivity — with less stress. The development of mobile workstations can provide a better balance between local and remote computing by providing them with greater freedom and productivity. Also, data professionals can stay online all the time and work from anywhere with powerful hardware.

Empower Creativity: Developers are more stimulated when it’s effortless to experiment with diverse algorithms, parameters, and data without needing to do a cloud setup and incur expenses. Other development duties can likewise be more efficient and affordable, including assessing and tidying data, delving into data features, and assessing, constructing, and inspecting models.

Mobile workstations excel at interactive workloads, live-stream object detection, and many NLP models while making exploratory programming easier. Many data scientists are optimizing AI workloads on mobile workstations with quick multiple iterations and faster trial results. After optimization, the larger datasets run more efficiently on a local server or cloud resources.

Save the Investment on Workstation PC: Mobile data science workstations put the power of the cloud in your lap. Running cloud experiments locally eliminates a large percentage of cloud costs and often saves time. So, depending on the projects you will be able to run models locally or on the cloud. This enables professional or freelance data scientists to work more flexibly by investing less money.

Portable & Consistence Experience: Getting a consistent experience across laptops, on-premises workstations, and servers require running a single data science stack. No laptops are powerful enough to take up the challenge of running all DS tools smoothly. With the performance benefit of a powerful mobile workstation, data scientists can ensure consistent performance in-office & out of the office, which turns them into highly productive remote employees.

Software Based Ecosystem

Mobile Workstations are tailor-made for data scientists and machine learning engineers. This is why such devices come with a preloaded application stack with management tools. Also, Some Mobile workstations come with proprietary pre-configured Cloud computing systems, which increase the device’s capability by 100x. Opting for such a software-based ecosystem with stack, stack management, and cloud, a professional can carry a whole framework or platform with him/her. This ensures scalability, portability, and flexibility at the same time boosting productivity.

Select a True Data science Workstation

While there are many workstation PCs available, opting for the power which you can carry is the right choice to make. However, rarely would you find a mobile workstation device that features a complete ecosystem of its own. If you already understand the benefits of being a part of an ecosystem, you must opt for HP Zbook Mobile Workstation PCs. The Z series of devices come with a preloaded Software Stack, Data Science Stack Manager, and HP ZCentral Remote Boost Application. This combination along with the power of HP ZCentral Cloud computing creates a productive and portable ecosystem for data scientists.

Check out the HP Zbook Fury 16 G9 Mobile Workstation PC for Data Science projects.

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