Essential Laptop Features for the Post-Pandemic World

Essential Laptop Features for the Post-Pandemic World

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The pandemic has taught us numerous lessons, and one of the biggest leanings is that the best professionals don’t have to work from office or even from the same city as the employer. Work timings have also become more flexible. The importance of technology has grown, with laptops becoming a bare minimum necessity.

Eye-Friendly Screen

It doesn’t matter what your profession is, be it a creative professional, businessman, developer, or gamer. All professions have to continuously sit in front of their screens for long durations. That’s why display quality is extremely important while buying a laptop. Look for a display that can protect you from harmful blue light. Also, while working, people often forget how long they’ve been sitting in front of their screen or the distance from it. Modern-day laptops come with screen reminders that would alert you to take a screen break, or alert you to maintain a safe distance if you are sitting to close to the device.

Long Lasting Battery

This is probably something everyone continues to advise, and rightly so because it continues to remain a crucial deciding factor when buying a laptop. You never know when and for long you’ll be without power, and if you have urgent deadlines to meet during that time, you need a laptop that’s able to support you. Look for Lithium Ion Polymer batteries and how many cells they have. The more the number of cells, the longer the backup. The number of charging cycles supported is another crucial specification to look for. Higher charge cycles means longer battery life. HP’s laptops are among the few to have the best battery quality, with higher number of cells and longer backups.

How quickly is a laptop battery able to re-charge, something known as fast charging. It’s a common feature in smartphones nowadays, but it is also there in laptops. Many laptops from HP for instance can re-charge the battery upto 50% in just half an hour. Now it is possible with the latest laptops to have Li-ion polymer batteries.

High-Res Camera

Do you remember video meetings with those integrated VGA webcams, resulting in pixelated video images? A few have bought external cameras with better resolution but carrying an additional accessory isn’t a good idea. Especially, when you can buy a laptop with a high-resolution integrated webcam. Nowadays, some of the latest webcams support 5 MP resolution, which ensures you look your best in meetings. Not only that, but they even have other features to enhance your appearance, like backlight adjustment, tracking you even as you move across the room, and more. Lastly, to protect your privacy, look for a laptop that comes with a privacy webcam shutter.

Multi-Layered Security and Privacy Protection

When you are working from anywhere, you might connect to public Wi-Fi or other unsecured networks. To be safe in this world filled with cyber criminals, you need multilayer security in your laptop. Many laptop vendors, like HP have a lot of built-in security features that protect everything from the machine’s BIOS to the browser.

Another major security risk is to leave your laptop unlocked and unattended. This can happen sometimes, and is a major security risk. Someone could sneak up while you’re away to insert a malware into your system. This is when you need features like walk away recognition, attention tracking, shoulder surfing protection, auto lock, and auto wake technology. These features protect your data when you are not around and lock the screen for strangers.


While purchasing a laptop, most consumers look for hardware combinations and ignore other essential features. Being a professional, you must look for features that help you be more productive. A laptop like HP EliteBook 840 Aero G8 Notebook PC is a perfect choice that is an ultralight and thin business PC. It comes with multi-layered security protection, reliable wireless connectivity, Wi-Fi 6, long battery life, and is packed with powerful hardware.

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