Essential Laptop Features for R&D and Product Development

Essential Laptop Features for R&D and Product Development

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Working as a web developer and developing a complete product might seem like a similar job but they are poles apart from each other. Especially if your project includes Research and development (R&D engineering) then your requirements from a PC or laptop are way different than a web developer or programmer. Read on.

Entry-level Configuration Won’t Do

An R&D engineer has many resource-intensive tasks to do like data analysis, simulation, UX-UI designing, and marketing analytics on a regular basis. Unlike simple development, the above-mentioned tasks are extremely resource-intensive and require decent processing power. For data analytics having a large amount of RAM and a dedicated GPU with VRAM always helps. A lot of storage requirements will also be there for the mentioned line of work.

So, it is recommended to opt for a device with 12th gen Intel Core i5 if not i7 for budget issues. Also opting for a laptop with a dedicated GPU like Nvidia Quadro T550 would be a better choice rather than going with an integrated SoC Iris-x chipset. 16 GB RAM is a good choice to start with for an R&D professional. For storage 1 TB NVMe SSD is a must, having Gen 4 4×4 SSD is a plus for speed. The above-suggested configuration might sound like an overkill for a web/app developer, but for creative workflows, this will be the go-to configuration in 2023.

Go for a Professional Device

A home usage entry-level laptop is not suitable for any high-end professional like an R&D engineer or product developer. For such business-oriented tech jobs, a professional device is the only choice. The device should be robust in build and powerful in computation. With the rising requirement for remote working and hybrid jobs, the laptop should feature a premium-level battery for 10+ hours of backup at least. Professional laptops also come with the latest connectivity features like Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2, Type-C, Thunderbolt ports, etc. which makes such devices more useful.

All HP Zbook Mobile Workstations feature Biometric lock, Intel Wi-Fi 6E (2×2), Bluetooth 5.2, Thunderbolt 4, Type-C USB4 ports, and Spill-resistant & Backlit HP Premium Keyboard.

Customer Service and Support

Extensive brand support on the device is extremely important for such busy professionals. On-site service, remote assistance, the number of service centers in your locality, and brand recognition all are equally important, so choose wisely.

According to studies HP is the most trusted brand for Windows laptops among professionals in most parts of the world. HP has the highest number of service centers worldwide. HP is also well known for their OEM batteries with 1000 Life-cycles which ensures stable performance for 3 years straight. They provide a separate warranty on their batteries for three years, unlike any other brand.

Top-notch Collaboration Features

The requirement of seamless digital collaboration is the need of the hour. But without an eye-to-eye conversation any meeting feels incomplete. For a seamless professional video calling experience, you need a great webcam besides good network connectivity. In 2023 I would recommend going for a 5MP True 1080P IR-Sensing webcam, paired with a 2×2 AI Noise cancellation Mics. Make sure to have a laptop with a camera shutter to protect your privacy physically from unwanted camera access. Check out the HP Zbook Mobile Workstations which features an auto-framing 5MP camera with AI-based discrete audio amps to block background noise.

Security Requirements

No matter how strong your passwords are, your device is still vulnerable to digital threats and hackers. Biometric lock is the best and fastest option for secure login. HP BIOSphere Gen6, MS Bitlocker Encryption, HP Sure Click, HP Secure Erase, and HP Sure Sense, are some other industry-grade software-level security features that you can find on HP Zbook or even the Probook series of business machines. TPM 2.0 Embedded Security Chip and Infineon SLB9670 are the most trusted features to ensure BiOS-level security. So, BiOS level security, Biometric lock, and Software Level all three layers are required to ensure the best protection against unauthorized access.

Productivity App Stack

Product developers and R&D engineers use multiple apps and windows simultaneously. After purchasing a new laptop it’s plain to collect all the applications and install them one by one. Also installing ap[plications manually jeopardizes the out-of-the-box optimized conditions of the laptop. To avoid these problems choose a device that comes with a preloaded Developer Stack. You can check out the HP Zbook Laptops, as they come with HP Data Science Stack Manager preloaded. You can download or remove any development and data analysis tools with just a click hassle-free.

Some Best Laptops for R&D and Product Development:

My first recommendation would be the HP ZBook Power G9 Mobile Workstation PC for premium users. This device features a 12th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU supported by 32 GB DDR5 RAM. For GPU support this device features Nvidia Quadro RTX T1000 (4 GB) and Intel Iris-Xe which ensures great performance in big data research. With all the power this device still weighs under 2 Kg and features a robust Aluminum made body for longevity and a premium look & feel.

On the other hand, for budget segment users I can recommend the HP ZBook Firefly 16 G9 Mobile Workstation PC. It features the bare minimum CPU for the R&D engineers and Product developers, i.e. 12th gen Intel Core i5. But with the 16 GB DDR5 battery and Nvidia Quadro T500, this is a more powerful device than meets the eye. With a premium build, robust 10+ hours of battery back, fast charging, and 1.8 Kg weight it’s a handy device for professionals.

Check out the HP Online Store for the best laptops for professionals and developers.
Browse the PriceHush website if you want to compare the prices of various laptops.

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