Essential Features of a Business PC

Essential Features of a Business PC

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Buying a laptop for a business is like a long-term investment for productivity, so getting the right device is always crucial. Though everyone loves to bargain and get the most affordable deal, the focus should be on the device’s long-term usage and the value it will add to the business. Underperforming laptops can impede productivity even for the best employees. In a hybrid work culture, most businesses need a reliable machine that can last long on battery and doesn’t choke on performance. So, look at all the aspects of a business PC than price alone.

Choice of CPU: Most Important

For a business professional, there should be no compromise on productivity, which can only happen if there’s no compromise on processing capability. This can only happen if you choose the right CPU that works well not only now but over the next few years. That’s because applications will always keep updating to the latest version as they incorporate more features. So unless you have a powerful CPU, it won’t be able to handle them over the years. So, a top-of-the-line CPU is the ultimate need for a business user.

To ensure that the CPU works smoothly all the time, having 16 GB RAM is recommended in 2022, especially for professionals. Check out the HP ZBook Firefly 16 G9 Mobile Workstation PC to understand what a standard business PC configuration should look like.

Here are some things to keep in mind in laptops beyond processor and RAM:


Business users work on a lot of sensitive data, making it essential that it remains protected. Here, if the laptop itself has built-in security features, then it really helps. So, look for a biometric lock for one, like face and/or fingerprint detection for secure login. Plus, look for a TPM security chip, BIOS Level security, and a privacy-protected webcam. Some laptops, like those from HP, even protect against known and unknown malware programs that can sneak in while you’re web browsing. Likewise, a secure, built-in processor virtualization system, like HP

Manageability Integration Kit

This will offer a business user peace of mind with secure file access technology that helps protect physical storage from attacks.


Another crucial requirement of business users is the DASH (Desktop and Mobile Architecture for System Hardware) functionality. A DASH-based system features compatibility with open-standard-based web service management for desktop and mobile client systems.


Every business or professional user requires high-speed, secure networking. So WiFi 6.0E and Bluetooth 5.2 are must-haves, along with Thunderbolt Type-C and USB Type A 3.1 ports. An HDMI-out port is always helpful, especially if you want to connect your PC with a Projector or additional display.

Feature Rich Webcam

With hybrid working becoming a way of life, expectations from the humble built-in webcam have gone up for business professionals. Not only do they expect the webcam to show crystal clear picture quality, but also be able to adjust to varying lighting conditions. Therefore, look for a laptop with a webcam that gives good picture quality in very bright or dark rooms. Audio quality in virtual meetings is also important, so keep a check on the microphone quality that enhances the quality of your voice and ensures you’re heard clearly in meetings.

Noise Reduction software

This is another requirement that became important during the pandemic when people attended most of their meetings from home. Some laptops provide AI base noise reduction capability that basically blocks all the background white noise, like a dog barking, people murmuring in the background, etc.

Build Quality

Laptops can be more easily damaged as compared to desktop PCs. Entry-level laptops are usually made with plastic, while expensive laptops typically feature metal (Aluminum) built bodies or carbon alloy chassis. A robust build looks professional and provides a premium feel that every business user desires. They are easily able to handle the daily wear and tear that business professionals subject them to as they carry them around everywhere.


Productivity calls for staying up all the time. Cheaper laptops often do cost-cutting on the battery, providing unpredictable battery life. Keeping a computer tethered to the power source always defeats the main purpose of mobile computing. So, never compromise with battery power while looking for a business laptop.

Customer Service & Cooling

Brand recognition and after-sales service are vital call-outs to ensure getting the best for the price paid. A nearby service center, on-site support, and remote assistance are must-haves for business users. The brand should be there when you need them the most so your business does not hinder.

Best laptops are robust in build quality and designed to have a great ventilation system with proper cooling features. An overheated laptop does not perform optimally, so an effective cooling system is another important need for business users.

Some Recommendations

You can check out the HP ProBook 440 G9 Notebook PC, one of the best go-to for business PC buyers. It’s a heavily secure device with HP DriveLock, Sure Sense, Sure Admin, BIOSphere Gen6, TPM 2.0 embedded security chip, Tamper Lock, and fingerprint login, and it weighs only 1.3 Kg.

Entry-level laptops often feature low storage and memory capacity, so working with large files might become tricky. If you are looking for an entry-level, essential business laptop, check out the HP 245 G8 Notebook PC, which starts for 48K INR only.

As a moderate laptop for creative business professionals, you can check out the HP ENVY x360 Convert 13-ay1037AU, which features a touchscreen interface, 360-degree hinge, and a tremendous value-for-money configuration with a great portable form-factor.

For the latest business laptops and best deals, browse the HP Online Store.

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