Can a PC help in Shopkeeping? Here is how

Can a PC help in Shopkeeping? Here is how

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PCs are being used everywhere today, and yet you’ll still find a lot of shop keepers running their business without one. As technology has become really affordable, it makes sense for every shop to own a PC. It can really simplify their lives. From managing inventory to quickly find a product, from doing accounting and billing to filing your tax returns, PCs can really simplify a shopkeeper’s life, saving their both time and money. Here’s how.

Digital Inventory – There are software available to help shopkeepers track and manage their inventory. Using the right set of tools, shop owners can track all the inventory in their shops. During the checkout process, the software automatically collects info and tracks the inventory about the stock, and lets the shopkeeper know what products are available and what is soon going to be stocked out. Accordingly, the shopkeeper can replenish the stock.

Supermarkets are using an enhanced system that can even forecast shortages and automatically order new stocks as per the requirements.

Analysis – When you use a PC in your shop or supermarket, the computer helps you analyse the data. This can help managers/owners to make better decisions in the purchase. PC uses the inventory data and tells you what products are more popular and what are not so hot. On the bases of the sales trends, shop owners can organize their shops/supermarkets so that customers can easily find them. Moreover, they can offer discounts or introduce promotional offers on those which are not so popular.

Product Monitoring – The biggest challenge with all shops and supermarkets is product monitoring, especially perishable food products like fruits and vegetables, etc. They require special attention and have a short lifespan. Using the PC, you can keep them in a controlled environment and monitor their life.


Depending on the shop/supermarket size and capacity, owners can have one or more PCs. They can also use computer systems to analyse sales data to make better marketing plans and financial strategies. They will be able to create better marketing strategies, offers, and discounts. A PC like HP ProOne 400 G6 24 All-in-One Desktop PC is perfect for shopkeeping. Packed with an Intel Core i7 processor, 512 GB SSD, and 16 GB RAM, the AiO is powerful enough to handle software like Marg ERP, eR4U, LogicERP, Profitbooks, etc. The sleek PC is suitable for a front desk or space-constrained work environment. It comes with various security features to protect your data from breaches and keep you productive without any downtime. It will help to manage and analyse the inventory and make the process even more streamlined.

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