Business laptops: Working professionals need thin, light performance machines

Business laptops: Working professionals need thin, light performance machines

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Laptops or notebooks have gone through a fierce evolution in the last few years. It was not that long ago when a standard laptop with no dedicated graphics and a barebones CPU was big and bulky and hardly offered any color options. That is not the case anymore. Thin and light notebooks have become the norm for laptop manufacturers in every market segment and the one segment that has benefitted greatly from this evolution is the business laptop market.

Business laptops are machines that are made from the ground up for use in a working environment. Companies buy these business laptops for their employees to make their workforce mobile and to have a laptop that is working on a stable platform. Business laptops are an important piece of equipment in any organization’s arsenal. So, it made sense for laptop manufactures to start offering thin and light business laptops in this segment.

Thin and light business laptops are now becoming the norm as more and more companies upgrade their old big blocks for the new sleek and stylish machine. A big credit for this laptop evolution goes to Intel and AMD. Both of these CPU makers have progressed with their architecture so for that now we have business laptops that weigh less than 1 kg. A good example of a thin and light business laptop is the HP Elite DragonFly which is one of the lightest business laptops in the market.


One of the biggest advantages of having thin and light business laptops for your workforce is mobility. Having a workforce that can work from home, coffee shop, or airports if need be is always going to be an advantage. Add to that the long battery backup these laptops are offering and it adds up to a happier employee and a more mobile business. The Dragonfly for instance, offers more than 24 hours of battery backup.


Another advantage of thin and light business laptops is that they are built like tanks. Not in the literal sense but some of them actually are built to last a lifetime. Taking the example of the DragonFly again, it’s a thin and light business laptop made of CNC magnesium alloy chassis, which is the same material that’s used in aircraft. Plus, it has passed 19 MIL-SPEC-810G tests. Chances of you using your laptop in extreme environments is minimal, but chances of you dropping your laptop are high and having a laptop that can withstand all the day-to-day bumps and pressure is always better.

Just because they’re thin and light doesn’t mean they’re low on features. Barring a DVD Writer (which is anyways not used much anymore), they have in fact, more than the features you’ll fine in regular business laptops. They have plenty of ports for connectivity, rapid charging battery, noise-cancellation microphones, padded keyboard to reduce the noise while you type, and are even convertible into a tablet if you’d just like to use it for reading or light productivity work.

The fact of the matter is that thin and light business laptops are not the future but present itself. If your business needs to upgrade the laptops, then it is time they join this laptop revolution. Thin and light business laptops are stable, secure, and mobile.

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