The Right Laptop Determines Your Success in Your Profession

The Right Laptop Determines Your Success in Your Profession

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Laptops have become an integral part of every profession. Whether you’re into accounting, engineering, or animation, having the right laptop is a must for your success. Each profession, therefore, requires a different set of features and specs in their laptop in order to deliver maximum productivity and output. Unfortunately, these differences aren’t always clearly understood, which leads to wrong purchase decisions, thereby lowering productivity and causing frustration. Here’s some advice on what these three professions should look for in their laptops.

A Laptop for Accountants

An accountant is required to use different financial software suites and complex, formulae driven Excel sheets on a daily basis. They need to stare intently at numbers all day long, which can be very taxing on the eyes. For this, they need a device that’s dependable and responsive. So, not only do they need a device with good processing power and RAM, but they also need one with a good display. A laptop with a Core i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, and a Full-HD display is therefore highly recommended. A Core i3 processor will also work, provided they buy it with an SSD instead of HDD. This will ensure excellent response times.

Another feature that accountants really need is a separate numeric keypad. As they work with a lot of numbers in their day to day work, a separate numeric keypad would really help enhance their productivity. Battery backup of at least 6 to 8 hours would be sufficient for their needs. Lastly, security is crucial for accountants as they work with highly sensitive financial data of the company. A laptop with ample security features, like a TPM chip, BIOS protection, and malware detection tools is therefore essential for them. A malware that erases or corrupts all financial data would be the last thing they’d ever want, so it’s better to buy a laptop that provides necessary protection even from undetected malware from the beginning.

Animators and their Laptop Needs

When it comes to animators, the specifications mentioned above would not be adequate. They need much more processing power and RAM than accountants, along with plenty of high-speed storage, and even a separate discrete graphics chip with video memory. As they’ll be working with high-res images and videos, a large and full-HD screen is essential for more clarity. In other words, animators would require a mobile, graphics workstation-class laptop. The specs can vary depending upon how resource-hungry are the applications that they plan to use. It could start with a Core i5 and go up to i7, i9, or even an Intel Xeon processor. At least 16 GB RAM is preferred, and 32 GB is recommended. The reliability of the device is also something they can’t compromise on. Suppose they’re rendering a heavy animation and the laptop crashes halfway through, taking all their hard work with them. To ensure this doesn’t happen, the hardware on their laptop should be certified by all the ISVs whose software is being used.

Going by the latest trends, a laptop should also be VR-enabled and have in-built capabilities to support the seamless functioning of advanced software such as Flash Anim8or, Adobe Illustrator, Coral Draw, VFX Works and so on.

What Engineers Should Look for in a Laptop

Engineers, on the other hand, need longevity and durability from their laptops. Not only must the device be upgradable as engineers seldom change their laptops, but must also be portable and have a good battery backup. Depending upon the type of engineer you are, your laptop must be capable of supporting the various software you would use in your day to day work, like C++, CAD, CAE, and so on.

Off-late engineers are also re-skilling themselves in the latest technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, among others. Therefore, it would be an added advantage if the laptop supports the latest advanced programming languages. The CPU plays an important role here. If the programming language compiler has been optimized for the CPU, then that would be ideal. Also, civil engineers and those who have a packed travel schedule, need a device with superior build quality to make them more durable.

Besides durability, a laptop for engineers should be able to handle all the engineering application workloads with ease. Here again, a workstation-class laptop with discrete graphics and plenty of security features would be ideal.


As you would have understood by now that a laptop’s configuration would vary according to the profession. The HP Probook series, for instance, would be a good option for accountants, while the ZBook by the same vendor would be good for animators and engineers. The HP Elitebook series of notebooks would also make a lot of sense due to their lightweight, sleek design, and processing power. It makes them more durable to handle the hectic travel schedules of engineers. Moreover, all these notebooks have strong security features and build quality.

Irrespective of the role, durability, dependability and stability offered by these HP laptops are critical to ensuring great performance for the professional.

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