Are Business Laptops Suitable for Students?

Are Business Laptops Suitable for Students?

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Every student requires a laptop today, irrespective of course or certification that they’ve opted for. However, choice of system depends upon the type of course being taken. For instance, a laptop with moderate hardware is good enough for non-technical programs; and for technical programs, the configuration depends upon the apps that you’ll be working on. The big question here is whether students should opt for a business class or all-purpose consumer laptop? Or should they choose a gaming machine? It’s important to understand how they differ because you’ll find systems with similar configurations in all categories. Let’s understand their differences.

Business vs Consumer Laptop

Business laptops are designed for long-term, all-day usage, while those for consumers are meant for moderate usage. In fact, OEMs even add features to make their consumer models more suitable for entertainment purposes. Business laptops are more durable and built to withstand more rough usage. For instance, they’ll be able to withstand occasional water spills, dust, drops and knocks.

Consumer laptops come with basic security features while business models will have additional security layers like TPM, biometric fingerprint scanners, and facial recognition, to name a few. They might have more powerful Webcams that enhance your meeting experience and have undergone stringent MIL-standard tests to enhance their durability. These additional features make them more expensive than consumer laptops.

Students should go for business laptops if they can, because ultimately, once they complete their courses, they will enter the corporate world or join a business or start off on their own. A business class laptop will make them more prepared for their future career paths.

Business Vs. Gaming Laptop

Gaming laptops are very powerful machines, and in fact, could be more powerful than business laptops. They’re built to play the latest games, which require the latest and powerful hardware.

Students who’re studying technical courses like Engineering, Architecture, Cyber Security/Hacking, Software Development/Coding, Animation, Graphic design/ video editing and AI/ML/DS, etc. could definitely benefit from gaming laptops. The advantage of going for a gaming laptop is that students could use it for both entertainment and serious work. The only thing to keep in mind is that due to their loud design, you may not be able to use a gaming laptop after completing your course. That’s because as you enter the corporate world, you would not want to walk into an office or attend a meeting with a loud, flashy laptop. Unless of course, you get into game development as a career, in which case gaming laptop would be perfect for you.

How to Choose the Right Laptop

While we’ve already given some advice on what type of laptop works for students, it’s also important to understand that with examples from known OEMs. Let’s take HP for instance. HP’s Probook series of laptops are meant for business users, and would be a good fit for students studying technical courses like engineering, coding, etc. Students studying architecture, Cyber Security/Hacking, Animation, Graphic designing/ video editing, and AI/ML/DS should consider the HP ZBook series of laptops.

All these laptops come with a plethora of security features that are essential today for any business user. Depending upon the model you choose, you can get features like HP Sure Click, Sure Start, Sure Run, Sure Sense, Sure Recover, Sure Admin, etc.

Another benefit of opting for these devices is that they come with a 3-years limited warranty that also covers parts, labour, and on-site repair.

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