Affordable Laptops for Digital Marketeers: Portability is Profitability

Affordable Laptops for Digital Marketeers: Portability is Profitability

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Digital marketing is booming in India and so are all the fields associated with it. As the name suggests, digital marketing at its core is about marketing on the vastness of the Internet, and one of the critical success factors of a digital marketing firm is to have a workforce that is always connected to the Internet, to keep a tab of all that’s happening online, running digital marketing campaigns from anywhere, monitoring their progress, tracking and reacting to all that’s happening on various social media handles, just to name a few. This requires your digital marketing workforce to stay connected to the Internet, and be able to respond to campaigns from anywhere. Laptops are therefore essential for them. Here’s what you should look for in a laptop if you’re into this exciting field.

Most digital marketing firms start with a small group of employees and a few clients in the early years. Since these new firms may not have the huge budgets that many established players in the industry have, they need to be smarter in order to compete. One way is to equip your workforce with affordable laptops. The main benefit of this is that they will be connected from anywhere, allowing them to be more productive, and be able to respond to client demands quickly. A faster response is something that any client expects, and giving the teams laptops definitely makes this possible. Affordability is very important here, as it will allow them to keep their budgets under control.

Essential Features to Look for

A few things to look for in an affordable laptop for your digital marketing workforce are portability, good battery life, plenty of connectivity options, decent storage, faster Wi-Fi connectivity, and even better security and privacy features. Let’s understand why.

Portability is necessary so that your team can work from anywhere and doesn’t find it difficult to carry the device around with them. A good battery life ensures they can continue working even during power cuts or while traveling. Being into digital marketing work, they’ll be working on a wide number of file formats, including audio/video, web pages, images, etc. Plenty of connectivity options become necessary here to allow them to share these files with others, transfer images and other multimedia files, deliver presentations, and charge multiple devices, just to name a few.

Decent storage is necessary because the number of files simply skyrockets when working on client projects. They’ll end up storing multiple versions of multiple file formats, and wouldn’t want to delete any files just because they’re running out of storage. Faster boot times and access to files is also very important here, so an SSD+HDD combo would work best for the storage in this case; SSD for faster access and HDD for more storage.

Faster Wi-Fi is necessary for digital marketers, which is why it’s important to go with a laptop that offers the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology. It’s 30% faster than the previous generation Wi-Fi and can give better and more efficient connectivity, especially while working in a busy network environment with plenty of users. If the ISP itself is giving slow speeds, then you can’t expect miracles, but at least it will give you more efficiency and faster LAN speed for local file sharing.

Lastly, better security features in a laptop will give your workforce the comfort that there are minimal chances of someone finding out about what they’re working on, thereby helping them secure your clients’ IPR.

Laptop Options That Work

You can get all these features in a laptop and yet keep it affordable. Check out the HP 340S G7 series of laptops for instance. They’re thin and light, give plenty of battery backup, come with 10th Gen Intel processors, from Core i3 for affordability to Core i7 for more compute power. They have 8 GB RAM, a backlit keyboard, and Wi-Fi 6.

Affordable business laptops are available and in fact, recommended for digital marketing firms for all the reasons we just gave. The way forward for digital marketing firms is to see their employees’ laptops as an investment that is going to pay huge dividends in the future. The fact is business laptops offer better build quality and a much safer and secure platform that no commercially available laptop can even come close to.

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