Why Business and Not Consumer AiO PCs Make Sense for the Workplace?

Why Business and Not Consumer AiO PCs Make Sense for the Workplace?

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If you’re a business user looking for an AiO Desktop PC, then there are a few essential things to keep in mind. For one, don’t go by the price alone. For instance, there are AiOs meant for consumers that cost lesser, but they’re not suitable for business users. There are many features that business AiOs have that differentiate them from their consumer counterparts.

Performance and Durability

Business AiOs are designed and developed to tackle dedicated demanding tasks. Typically, business users work with intensive applications that require powerful hardware, so business machines come equipped with powerful CPU and integrated or dedicated graphics. Integrated graphics is part of the processor which is the same for both commercial and consumer if the processor used is same. While the dedicated graphics card is different and used different types of GPUs for different needs.

Business AiOs are also more durable as they use higher quality components, which have been rigorously tested. Some have even undergone rigorous Military Grade (Mil) tests for durability.

They’re More Secure

Business AiOs come loaded with various features which are not there in their consumer counterparts. For instance, they come with a lot of security features like a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chip, which makes them more secure and safer to store sensitive information.

Manufacturers like HP also include a feature like HP SureStart that can automatically detect, stop, and recover from a BIOS attack or corruption. There’s also HP BIOSphere, which guards against malicious attacks, the HP Client security suite that has been designed to outpace modern-day cyber threats and protect devices, identity, and data.

Manageability Tools

Business AiOs are far easier to manage as compared to consumer ones. Let’s take AiOs from HP for instance. They have several manageability features that would really help a business. One such features is the Cloud Recovery tool.

The tool is useful in case your PC crashes and you lose access to your OS and all your important files. The Cloud Recovery lets you restore the entire PC to the last state when you took backup. Backup tools usually backup your data, so if your PC crashes, it’s not possible to restore the OS. This tool lets you recover both.

HP’s Business AiOs also come with features like HP BIOS Config Utility. Using this admins can establish, modify and many other changes in BIOS. It also helps to protect the BIOS by setting up password. The PC user can’t get access to the BIOS meaning they can make any changes that can be insecure for them and organization.

There’s also the HP System Software Manager utility, which allows you to streamline mass deployment of system software updates to multiple PCs. It also lets admins track, monitor and manage all HP business systems on the network from a centralized web console.

OS That’s More Suitable for the Workplace

Business AiOs come with a professional version of the operating system, i.e., Windows 10 Professional instead of home. This makes them easier to manage in a networked environment. Moreover, a lot of AiOs that come with consumer version of the OS also come with a lot of software that’s not needed in a corporate environment, like games and other software. This would unnecessarily waste the IT team’s time to first uninstall all the software because it’s not required.

Better Keyboard Quality

The keyboards of business AiOs are built to be more tactile and responsive. They usually have snappy feedback, curved keys and strong travel to increase your typing speed and productivity. While consumer AiO keyboard could be lower in quality.

Serviceability and Warranty

Business AiOs come with more options along with a premium support line by manufacturers. Moreover, they come with a longer warranty as compared to consumer AiO.

Business professionals should look for an AiO like the HP EliteOne 800 G6. The PC is built with numerous security and collaboration features. It also comes with Military Grade (Mil) Specs making it more durable.

The AiO PC comes with various management and other features that include BIOS, HP Secure Erase, HP Sure Click, HP Sure Sense, HP DriveLock and Automatic DriveLock, Trusted Platform Module TPM 2.0 Embedded Security Chip along with Windows 10.

The business machines also come with Services (Care Pack) and a 3-years next business day onsite repair warranty if the issue cannot be solved remotely.

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