Schools are Switching to All in One PCs and Here is Why you Should Too

Schools are Switching to All in One PCs and Here is Why you Should Too

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Computer education has become a necessity for everyone today, which is why schools start teaching computers to students at a very early stage. There’s so much to learn because computers widen the horizon of career opportunities for students. Therefore, it goes without saying that a working knowledge of computers goes a long way in a student’s life. Schools and Colleges all over the world therefore pride themselves on having computer labs with the best equipment for students. It’s therefore important for education institutes to choose the best equipment for their students, not only from the specs point of view but also something that would be durable and easy to maintain. This is where the debate between regular desktop PCs and All in one PCs comes in. It’s highly recommended for educational institutes to consider All in one PCs for their labs for a number of reasons.

They’re Clutter Free, Save Space, and Low-Maintenance:

For one, students are by their very nature very playful. Putting them in the same room with wires and full-size desktops towers may not be the best idea. When it comes to students and a computer lab, you can’t go wrong with an All in one PCs. It’s clutter-free, more portable, and has a space-saving design, making it ideal for even the smallest of computer labs. They offer the full experience of a desktop PC minus the hassles of wires and CPU cabinets. And since there are no wires around for students to play with, the chances of a mishap occurring goes down significantly. With the lack of any tower CPU cabinets and cables, it is a seamless affair to practically just have a screen on the desk.

They have Better Connectivity:

All in one PCs offer features of both laptops and a regular desktop PC in one package, neatly bundled with modern aesthetics. One of the major reasons why All in one PCs are a perfect fit for computer labs in schools is that they offer WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, which a desktop PC usually doesn’t have. An All in one PC can be connected via WiFi easily. Not only that but since there are fewer components involved, the chances of it malfunctioning are less as well. Take the example of HP 200 G4 AIO desktop. All its components like motherboard, RAM, hard disk, ports, and speakers are in the same body as the display panel. Plus, there’s Bluetooth, WiFi, Optical disc drive, all in the same screen body. Just the mouse and keyboard are externally connected. It offers all this with 3 years on-site warranty.

They’re More Secure:

One of the biggest advantages of getting an All in one PC over a desktop for schools is security. Children are not the best arbiter of judging what websites are harmful and many times it can happen that a student might very well install malware thinking it’s a game. For those scenarios and more OEMs like HP add a host of proprietary security features on some of their higher-end All in One PCs like Sure Click, Sure Start, manageability integration kit, etc. to make sure that if and when that does happen, the computer itself is not compromised.

They’re Not Expensive:

Many people assume that All in one PCs offer so much in such a small package, they are going to be expensive as well. On the contrary, they are much more affordable than a full desktop PC. For instance, the example of HP 200 G4 AIO we just gave starts from Rs. 30,000 for the base version, which comes with an Intel i3 processor, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, Bluetooth, and WiFi.

They Offer More Features:

Lastly, you can buy large screen All in one PCs and even models that have a touch screen interface, which can really enhance the learning experience of students.

Given all these benefits, All in One PCs are a more sensible option for education institutes for their students.

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