How to Choose the Right AIO for your Business Needs

How to Choose the Right AIO for your Business Needs

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Not everyone wants to go for a laptop, some people need the computing power and performance without making any compromises. AiOs are compact machines that do not take up much space. These machines are designed by companies so that users can just plug them and start working without any additional steps.

There are multiple factors that need to be considered before choosing an AIO for your business needs like the nature of the work, the workload and the configurations required for the work.

Essential Features to Look For 

An AiO leaves very less space for configuration and upgrades in the machine, and therefore it is important to choose a machine that will fulfil all your purposes. For business needs, you need a machine that can handle all your tasks efficiently and that requires a fairly new and powerful CPU, apart from that you should look at options that come upgradability options for RAM, such as if an AiO is coming with 8 GB RAM onboard then it should have a slot for upgrading it to at least 16 GB, making your machine a little future proof as programs are becoming demanding and memory hungry with each passing day. In current times of working remotely from home, it is very important to have faster internet speed and for that, an AiO with the latest Wifi6 technology would be a better option as it delivers 30% more speed than its previous generation and can give better and more efficient connectivity.

Lastly, since it is a business AiO, better security functions are also important to protect the sensitive and important data that you might be working with.

Some AiO PCs for Business Executives

All these features can be found in multiple AiOs that are affordable and still get the job done for you. Business AiOs are a good option if you own a business or are a working professional.

HP 200 G4 AIO

Key Specifications: up to Intel Core i5 10th Gen 

                               Up to 8 GB RAM 

                               1 TB HDD 

Price: Rs 54,590

There are multiple products in this line-up. Users can choose a machine according to their needs and budget. The line-up offers multiple options of configurations to choose from you can choose Intel Core i3 or i5 processors based on the nature of your work. There are multiple options based on memory as well where one can choose between 4 GB RAM or 8 GB RAM. The OS can also be chosen by the user. If you are a programmer or coder and need to run multiple operating systems on the machine, then you can choose a DOS model. If you need professional features and less software bloatware on your system, then you can go for the Windows 10 Pro version. The memory in all the machines in the line-up can be upgraded to up to 32 GB making it secure for the future as well. You can choose models that come with dedicated ODD if the need be. All the machines come with 21.5-inch FHD monitors with 3-sided micro-edge narrow bezels allowing you to see more of your display.

HP EliteOne 800 G5 AIO 

Key Specifications: up to Intel Core i9 9th Gen

                             16 GB RAM

                              1 TB SSD

Price: Rs 1,192,90

The wide range of products in this series can be a good option for a business machine as it is a complete set-up that comes with a 23.8-inch FHD IPS monitor, wireless keyboard and wireless mouse. The AiO is perfect for professionals who need a minimalist and sleek looking setup without making any major compromises. It is a future-proof option that comes with a powerful CPU and configurations to compliment it. There are multiple options in this line-up including non-touch variants and variants with no discreet graphics. 

You can choose an AiO according to your requirements and budget. These AiOs are made for business professionals and cater to every requirement that a business professional might have. The machines are sleek and have a modern look and feel to them, come with multiple upgradability options.

AIO PCs offer several advantages over traditional desktop computers. Aside from saving desk space and having fewer cables, they are considered to be user-friendly and pleasant to use, thanks in part to their large, touch-screen interfaces.

These types of PCs are also renowned for typically offering as much or more performance than a laptop or other mobile computer. 

One of the major plus points of an AiO is its portability. The light-weight and sleek machines can be moved from one place to another without any external help. The design of most AiOs is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and the lesser amount of space that they consume is just an added plus. The range of HP AiOs is so wide that you can pick the features that you actually require and only have them installed in your system. You can choose a monitor size, resolution, touch-interactiveness, all according to your needs and requirements. Regular desktop towers can get dusty, loud and power-hungry and generate an immense amount of heat in an already enclosed environment. HP AiOs are energy-efficient allowing the system to run quieter as compared to the chunkier counterparts. The AiO sits on your desk and the lesser number of ports makes it easier to clean and just dust-off.

The design of the AiO provides for a less cluttered workspace, boosting productivity and reducing tension. Apart from the aesthetics, HP AiOs are feature-loaded and efficient to carry out every professional task.

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