Here’s Why All in One PCs are Better Suited for Data Entry Operations

Here’s Why All in One PCs are Better Suited for Data Entry Operations

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Data entry businesses are on the rise, thanks to enormous potential due to a vast IT/ITeS market in India. Among the various tasks involved in the data entry jobs business are entering data, changing patterns of existing data, online data extraction in an automated way, doing secondary research and giving it in the required format to the client to name a few. Telecom, IT/ITeS, and medical transcription services are the three main industries requiring data entry operators. In order to ensure a productive data entry environment, it’s important for data entry companies to choose the right PC for their workforce. An All in One PC is a much better choice over a traditional PC for this industry. Here’s why.

Low Power Consumption: All in One PCs consume lesser power than traditional desktops, so the more PCs you have in your setup, the more the savings. So the power supply of a regular desktop is around 250-300W, while that of an AiO is less than 100 W. This itself demonstrates how much power you’re going to save with AiOs. So compared to desktops, All in Ones consume much less power. You pay almost half the bill without compromising on the performance.

Compact and Space Saving: A desktop comes with a display, cabinet (that holds the CPU and other hardware inside), mouse and keyboard. These will require a lot of space, while an All in One holds every hardware within the display. Whatever display size you will choose, your PC setup will be installed within that. So if you’re hard-pressed for space in your office, then going for an AiO makes more sense.

One for every need: Manufacturers such as HP have a wide variety of PCs to choose from. So, whatever is your budget and requirement, you can get a perfect device. Moreover, data entry is a process that requires long screen times, so it’s better to go for the LED screen-based AiOs. You can choose a large HD Screen with anti-glare protection to ensure maximum comfort and minimum eye strain.

No mess: Compared to regular desktops, All in Ones don’t create any mess of wires. Desktop tower and monitor both require a power connection. Then multiple cables to connect both tower and monitor with each other, along with keyboard, mouse, webcam, speakers, etc. These wires can easily create a mess on your desk. While using an All in One, you don’t need to deal with these cables. Simply connect the display to the power, attach the keyboard and mouse, and you are ready to go.

Easily Shiftable: As AiO are very compact, it enables you to shift them from one place to another place quickly and easily. With a desktop, it will be a headache, in case you are shifting your office. Some AiOs even come with wireless connectivity out of the box, meaning there’s no additional LAN cable or wires for mouse or keyboard. Everything’s wireless.

Upgradable: All in ones are available in different hardware combinations. Though with most data entry operations, you work on MS Office, with few you might need a more powerful machine that can handle the workloads. You can easily upgrade the RAM or hard drive in your AiOs. That’s probably all you’ll need to upgrade in the data entry business.

More Secure: Many All in One PCs also come with enterprise-grade security, so all data being processed on it will be safe against any attack or theft. Many HP Business All in Ones, for instance, have features like Sure Start, ensuring that your PC can recover itself from any external threats.

All in One PCs are a better choice over desktops for data entry work. They’ll give you the peace of mind due to their low maintenance, compact form factor, allowing you to focus on your business than worrying about managing them.

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