Here’s Why All-in-One PCs are a Must for Every Business

Here’s Why All-in-One PCs are a Must for Every Business

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The physical space in offices is reducing continuously thanks to increasing commercial real-estate costs. That’s why the desk space that employees get in office is also shrinking, which makes it more difficult to keep a full-blown desktop PC. In such a situation, it makes more sense to go for an All-in-One PC instead. Let’s understand why and also explore other reasons every business should opt for an AiO PC instead of regular desktop.

Better Space Optimization

Space utilization is a big concern, especially for startups and micro businesses. Since AiO PCs consume less desk space, it makes more sense to buy them for your office. Moreover, they’re also easier to move and set up due to minimal number of wires and connections. So, if your cubicles are small or you want to mount the system on a wall, AiO PC is the best choice.

More Portable

A lot of offices tend to keep re-structuring their office space due to various reasons like increasing or reducing team size, re-structuring the interiors, etc. When that happens, all the furniture and office equipment needs to be moved around. Having an AiO PC makes more sense here as they’re lighter, easier to dismantle and re-assemble without any IT support. Just try to do that with a regular desktop PC!

More Functional and Better Aesthetics

Many AiOs come with a touchscreen display, which makes them more versatile devices. Simply use them as kiosk in your reception area so that your customers can view your company’s product or service demos as they come to your office for meetings. Moreover, an aesthetically pleasing reception is must nowadays to create a positive impression about your company to your visitors. Having an AiO at the reception is the right step in that direction because it will enhance the looks of your office.

Price-to-performance Ratio & Better RoI

Businesses always look to cut down the cost of maintenance and to ensure that RoI must be ensured before investment. OEMs like HP ensure that their AiO PCs are tested for optimum performance so that users don’t face performance or incompatibility issues.

Due to stronger collaboration between OEMs and component manufacturers, prices of AiOs are far more reasonable than custom PCs as it rarely fluctuates in the market. On the other hand, due to the design itself, AIO PCs consume lesser power than most custom desktops.

Secure Your Business Data

Securing business data is a crucial requirement in PCs, so proprietary security features protect them. BIOS-level security, network security features, and software-level file security are provided with AiO desktop PCs. HP, for example, adds its own security features, like Sure Click, Sure Start, manageability integration kit, etc., in some of their All-in-One PCs.

Focus on Work with peace of mind

As a business owner/executive, you should worry about services, production, and clients instead of equipment maintenance. AiO PCs come with a manufacturer warranty and on-site customer services making them a viable choice for businesses. Better Security lets the admins stay worry-free of any unauthorized access or malware.

Pick Your Features

If you have been considering a top-of-the-line Laptop from a brand like HP, consider whether a desktop would be a better solution. Whether it is touch screen or productivity, various aspects of Work are better benefited by the desktop PC due to more computation power. Complex setups like Video Editing, 3D Printing, CNC operation, etc., require more space on the table for working, where AiO PCs can be the exact solution.

If you are looking for a powerful desktop solution for dynamic office work, check the HP Pavilion 31.5 All-in-One Desktop PC 32-b0590in powered by 12th gen Intel i7 CPU and 16 GB RAM. But for Video editing, CAD, and designing works, go for the HP ENVY All-in-One Desktop PC 34-c0457in powered by 11th gen Intel Core i9 CPU, 16 GB RAM, and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 GPU. AiO PCs feature bigger displays, like 30+ inches, with 2K or 4K resolution. Such displays are very helpful for multitasking and collaboration.

Small businesses like local retail stores and distributors are incorporating computers these days for better productivity and inventory management. For such business, I recommend going with the HP All-in-One Desktop PC 22-dd2686in, which is powered by Intel Pentium CPU & 8 GB RAM and comes for 38K only.

If you are looking for an AiO PC, check out the HP Online store to choose from according to your budget and requirements.

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